Blue Archive Beginner’s Guide | Best Tips & Tricks 2022

Blue Archive is a weirdly complex game to start playing because of its different currencies and other gameplay features. This Blue archive Beginner Guide includes basic information about all the different things you need to know to start playing the game.

I. Blue Archive Beginner Guide:

1. Blue Archive Beginner Guide: Basic Gameplay

Players form a team of 6 Students, including 4 Strikers and 2 Specials, for this top-down shooting role-playing game. While the Special students help from the backline, the Strikers are the students that actively participate in combat. While characters cannot be moved by the player, they can be targeted by tapping on their skill cards, which are shown at the bottom of the fight screen.

2. What is Sensei Level?

This is the main level of your account in Blue Archive. Your sensei, or account’s primary level, also controls how many levels your characters can advance. Your character or students can only go up to the level of your account i.e Sensei Level.

To raise the Sensei Level you have to use Stamina which is also known as Action Points and one Action point generates every 6-8 minutes. 

3. What is the Main Story and Campaign in Blue Archive?

Source: Blue Archive

The main plot of Blue Archive follows Sensei as he solves difficulties and helps the students at Kivotos’ schools move toward a better future. There are presently four volumes plus a prologue.

Here you will see the core gameplay as well as all of the game’s content. Missions are available in the campaign. Additionally, you can advance through the main story by completing the various stages of campaigns and missions.

4. Currencies in Blue Archive:

Blue Archive has three major currencies: –

  • Credit Points
  • Action Points
  • Pyroxenes

Credit Points are the primary currency and can be obtained in large quantities. This can upgrade gear, heroes’ abilities and skills, increase the rarity of heroes, buy things in the market, level up students, and so on.

The majority of the PvE game modes utilize AP (Action Points) as their primary currency. You can think of this AP as stamina or energy in other games with a similar genre.

Pyroxenes are the premium currency in Blue Archive. They are used for summoning, purchasing daily packs, recharging AP, and other things.

5. About the Missions in Blue Archive:

Every mission stage contains both Normal and Hard tabs. The Normal tabs are for moving through the main story, while the Hard stages give Character Eleph as prizes. 

Elephs are needed for unlocking characters and for unlocking Mystic, which is comparable to a character’s ascension.

There will be mission information available before it starts. You may examine the enemy’s organization and lineup as well as the prerequisites for an S rank clear, or a three-star clear, in the mission information. The criteria for three-star clear will remain consistent across all phases, and they are:

  • Mission accomplished
  • Obtain S rank ‘x’ times
  • Clear the stage in ‘x’ turns.

The enemy lineup formation etc. is very critical for you to analyze as it can give you an edge over them, by structuring your team in a proper way to counter them (Similar to what happens in Pokemon Games).

6. Upgrading the Students in Blue Archive:

Source: Blue Archive

In the game Blue Archive, you must upgrade your heroes in order to raise their stats and damage output. Every gacha game has a requirement for players to advance farther in the contents, so players can strengthen and train their students to make them stronger.

If you wait till you complete Chapter 6 of the main story:

  • You can access all the different things. You will gain access to more resources and fresh content as a result, but only after clearing Stage 1 of Chapter 6.
  • Your account’s current level in Blue Archive directly affects the level of your Students. So if you just wait to level up your account first and then power up the students they would become stronger than if your account level was lower.

A. How to Power Up Students in Blue Archive?

There are many ways to power up a character in Blue Archive:

  • Level Up 
  • Abilities Level Up
  • Equipment
  • Mystic
  • Relationship

The simplest way for you to level up and improve the base stats of the best students is by using Level Up. You can engage them in battles or give them activity reports to level them up.

Each and every student has specific skills that make up their abilities. By visiting the Basic Info and Abilities tabs, players can level up their abilities. Players can obtain all of these resources from the resource collection stages, and they can easily discover where a resource is located by clicking on it. 

Equipment is the clothing you offer your students, and it boosts their stats. Each student has three spaces for various pieces of equipment. Every piece of equipment has unique primary stats as well as substats.

Mystic is a star upgrade system where players can raise their students’ stars. By boosting the student’s Mystic, for instance, players may make a 3-Star student into a 4-Star student. Utilizing the Elephs of the particular kids will enable this.

In Blue Archive, we create relationships with our Students. By connecting with the pupils and developing a stronger bond with each one, players can accomplish this using the Café system. With each step up in Relationship rank, students receive bonus stats. This is usually done by taking the lessons as well and a feature called Momotalk can also be used to Level up this relationship rank.

7. Skills and Abilities of Students in Blue Archive:

Source: Blue Archive

Each student has the following four skills and abilities:

Normal Attack: Students use this attack on their own in accordance with their typical attack speed and it also doesn’t take any skill points to utilize. 

Sub Skill: Sub Skills are the abilities that students automatically activate for a period of time or for a specific length. Each student has a unique set of conditions that must be met in order for them to be activated.

Basic Skill: Basic Skills are yet another skill that students have access to right away in combat. These can sometimes be referred to as passive skills since they don’t have their own animations or durations and are always active in the background.

EX Skill: These skill cards are controlled manually and have a range or region. These are the Ultimate ability we see in other games. 

Each EX skill has a skill cost, which is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen while you are in combat.

A. What is Cost Recovery in Blue Archive? 

This affects the speed at which the cost for using EX-Skill (Skill Cards) is recovered.

II. Conclusion on Blue Archive Beginner Guide:

We tried to include everything you’d need to know to get started in Blue Archive and this finally completes our Beginner Guide on it. We hope that this Blue Archive Beginner Guide helped you.

III. About Blue Archive:

Blue Archive is a free-to-play RPG with gacha mechanics (a roll-to-win system). In February 2021, Shanghai Yostar released it for Android and iOS, and Nexon released it worldwide in November 2021. Blue Archive’s combat system includes a 3D real-time environment along with chibi (short) characters.

Blue Archive is set in the academy metropolis of Kivotos. Kivotos is basically a city with the union of many academies. The player character, a teacher known as Sensei, is called to the president’s office before the game’s events to serve as the advisor of Schale, an extrajudicial organization that the president herself founded. After that, she vanishes, sparking an increase in criminal activity and military presence in the city.

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