Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO(2022): Best Attackers, Best Defenders, and Best for PvP battles

In order to win any game, you need the best characters, and we are here to share about the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go with you. It is no joke! Every category has an alpha Pokemon that can really work wonders for you, and we will tell you all of it.

Here is a list of the Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go for you!

1. Best Pokemon: Attackers

To win fights, it is important to have the right set of attackers in Pokemon Go. Therefore, you must have the apt knowledge of the same. The best attackers, as we all know, are the Mega Pokemon, so we have not added them separately in the given list.

Here are the five best attackers in Pokemon Go, in no particular order:

a. Mewtwo

  • Type: Psychic
  • Strengths: Attack
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Dark and Ghost
  • Best moves: Confusion and Psystrike
Best Pokemon
Source: Official Website

The Mewtwo has a Max CP of over 4,000 making it a potential attacker. It can use Focus Blast as a fighting-type option and the Psystrike or Shadow Ball is its charged move. However, it is weak against bug, dark and ghost types.

b. Thundurus

  • Type: Electric-flying
  • Strengths: Attack
  • Weaknesses: Ice and Rock
  • Best Moves: Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO(2022)
Source: Official Website

Thundurus’ is a Pokemon that does not evolve but, it has a Max CP of 3,659. However, it is more comfortable to use with an Elite TM. If you do not have this in hand, do not use this one at all. It is at its best against flying and water-types.

c. Rampardos

  • Type: Rock
  • Strengths: Attack
  • Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water and Grass
  • Best Moves: Flamethrower, Rock Slide and Outrage
Best Pokemon
Source: Official Website

Rampardos uses the Smack Down and Rock Slide for attacking. This combination has the highest total DPS and is the best moveset for PVP battles.

The Pokemon is best against fire, flying, bug and ice types. It is a potent player who can easily handle enemies like Charizard and Articuno.

d. Landorus

  • Type: Ground/Flying
  • Strengths: Attack
  • Weaknesses: Ice and Water
  • Best Moves: Rock Slide, Focus Blast, Outrage and Earth Power

Landorus or ‘sky cat’ Lando is very good with Extrasensory and Earth Power. It is quite favourable in fights against electric, fire, poison, rock and steel types.

e. Darkrai

  • Type: Dark
  • Strengths: Attack
  • Weaknesses: Fighting, Bug and Fairy
  • Best Moves: Snarl and Shadow Ball
Best Pokemon in Each Category in Pokemon Go
Source: Official Website

You can use an army of Darkrai against any ghost or psychic-type, as it performs at its best in such a scenario. It uses the Snarl and the Shadow Ball, which make fights decisive and can help you win.

2. Best Pokemon: Defenders

You cannot always attack in fights, as defending is equally important. This is where the defenders in Pokemon Go can help you a lot.

Here are the five best defenders in Pokemon Go, in no particular order:

a. Blissey

  • Type: Normal
  • Strengths: Defence
  • Weaknesses: Fighting
  • Best Moves: Pound and Hyper Beam

Blissey has the highest HP in the game (496), which makes it a really suitable defender. It uses Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam for defensive purposes. It is best against most enemies, so you must use it.

b. Togekiss

  • Type: Fairy/Flying
  • Strengths: Defence
  • Weaknesses: Poison, rock, steel, electric and ice
  • Best Moves: Charm and dazzling gleam
Best Pokemon in Each Category in Pokemon Go
Source: Official Website

This Pokemon uses Charm and Dazzling Gleam against her opponents and defends you like a pro. It evolves from Togetic, which costs 100 Candy. Just like Blissey, it is great with many enemies, making it a good choice.

c. Metagross

  • Type: Steel/ Psychic
  • Strengths: Defence
  • Weaknesses: Dark, Fire, Ghost and Ground
  • Best moves: Bullet punch and Meteor mash
Source: Official Website

Metagross defends you against Machamp and Lucario exceptionally well. It uses Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt and Meteor Mash as its moves during fights.

Metagross evolves from Metang, which costs 100 Candy. But, it is weak against dark, fire, ghost, and ground types.

d. Snorlax

  • Type: Normal
  • Strengths: Defence
  • Weakness: Fighting
  • Best moves: Zen Headbutt and Outrage
Best Pokemon in Each Category in Pokemon Go

You must use Snorlax in your fights as a defender as it can balance out the opponent with its Lick and Hyper Beam. Snorlax evolves from Munchlax and costs 50 Candy. It performs at its best against many but is weak against fighting.

e. Dragonite

  • Type: Dragon/ Flying
  • Strengths: Defence
  • Weaknesses: Dragon, fire, ice and rock
  • Best moves: Dragon tail and Draco meteor
Source: Official Website

Dragonite uses Dragon Tail, Outrage and Draco Meteor as its moves and works best against many, including Machamp. This defender is one of the best available as of July 2022. But, it is weak against dragon, fire, ice, and rock types.

3. Best Pokemon: PvP Battles

Now, we will list the five best Pokemon you can use in PvP battles and win them easily. The given list has Pokemons in no particular order:

a. Galvantula

  • Type: Bug/Electric
  • Strengths: Fighting, Steel, Grass and Electric
  • Weaknesses: Rock and Fire
  • Best moves: Volt Switch and Bug Buzz

Galvantula uses Volt Switch, Discharge (Electric), Fury Cutter and Bug Buzz as its moves. Its max CP is 2,492, attack is 201, defence is 128, and stamina is 172 at Level 50. It is really good against Azumarill and Registeel.

b. Swampert

  • Type: Water/ground
  • Strengths: Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel and Fire
  • Weakness: Grass
  • Best Moves: Mudshot and Hydro cannon
Best Pokemon in Each Category in Pokemon Go
Source: Official Website

Swampert uses  Mud Shot, Hydro Cannon, Earthquake, and Sludge Wave against its enemies. At Level 50, its max CP is 3,362; attack is 208, defence is 175 and stamina is 225. It evolves from Marshtomp and costs only 100 Candy.

c. Sableye

  • Type: Dark/ Ghost
  • Strengths: Fighting, Poison, Normal and Psychic
  • Weakness: Fairy
  • Best Moves: Feint Attack and foul play

Sableye uses Shadow Claw, Foul Play, Power Gem, Return (Normal) and Shadow Sneak as its moves. It has a max CP of 1,668, an attack of 141, a defence of 136 and stamina of 137 at Level 50.

d. Altaria

  • Type: Dragon/ Flying
  • Strengths: Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, Ground and Grass
  • Weakness: Ice, Rock, Dragon and Fairy
  • Best Moves: Peck and Dragon pulse
Source: Official Website

Altaria uses Dragon Breath, Sky Attack, Dragon Pulse, Peck and Dazzling Gleam as its moves. Its max CP is 2,266, the attack is 141, the defence is 201 and its stamina is 181 at Level 50. It evolves from Swablu and costs 400 Candy in the game.

e. Hypno

  • Type: Psychic
  • Strengths: fighting and psychic
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Ghost and Dark
  • Best moves: confusion and psychic
Best Pokemon in Each Category in Pokemon Go
Source: Official Website

Hypno uses Confusion, Focus Blast, or Shadow Ball as its moves during fights, making it a flexible team member. It has a max CP of 2,363, an attack of 144, a defence of 193, and a stamina of 198 at Level 50. It evolves from Drowzee and costs 50 Candy only.


We have compiled the list of the five best Pokemon in three categories. There are indeed several others that may be a suitable match for you. However, we believe that these are by far the best ones available. You can give them all a try and see for yourself how they work wonders.

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