How to Complete Dispatch Missions in GTA Online

You get to play entertaining game modes like deathmatches and races in online action-adventurer GTA Online. Also, missions are important to move ahead and make money in the game. Madrazo Dispatch Services (Dispatch) is the series of six Contact Missions given to the players by Martin Madrazo. It is available for 2 to 4 players. Here we’ll discuss how to complete Dispatch Missions in GTA Online easily.

What is Dispatch Missions in GTA Online?

The collection of six Contact Mission given to the players by Martin Madrazo is known as Madrazo Dispatch Services in GTA Online. It is part of the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update during the Madrazo Dispatch Services Week event. Moreover, it is available from the beginning of the game and only for 2 to 4 players.

In short, the player has to execute one or more targets where respective guards are protecting them. Also, to keep the enemies from being alerted, the players can use stealth, and the job will be easier as the target will not be startled.

How to Complete Dispatch Missions in GTA Online

Note: Players can’t play solo. So, a minimum of 2 players is required.

How To Complete Dispatch Missions?

List of Dispatch Services

  • Dispatch-1: To eliminate a former friend of Madrazo you must go to Mission Row Police Station.
  • Dispatch-2: To assassinate an undercover FIB agent, players must penetrate the Merryweather HQ.
  • Dispatch-3: Player need to execute a translator in at the Los Santos International Airport.
  • Dispatch-4: Madrazo orders the player to kill his former dealer at the La Puerta recycling plant.
  • Dispatch-5: Players must kill a complete crew on this mission. Madrazo provides an unarmed Buzzer and a Maverick helicopter for this mission. Killing the first target starts a seven-minute timer to complete the task.
  • Dispatch-6: Although there are many targets in the last Dispatch mission, they are all part of a convoy that spawns on Davis Avenue. Depending on the number of participants, the number of targets changes.
How to Complete Dispatch Missions in GTA Online
Dispatch 4

Players need stealth mode in most critical missions to move quicker and remain undetected. Before delivering their targets, players should take their time with these tasks to avoid. However, stealth is not feasible for all missions like the first and the last two. But, the remaining missions are much straightforward because the targets remain unaware and easy to kill.

Hopefully, this guide helps you complete all the Dispatch Missions in GTA Online, and please let us know about your experience by commenting on us below.

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