Best Android UI: List of Best UI for Android Smartphones

User interfaces for mobile devices can have a wide range of quality. The responsiveness and speed of the touch screen of a mobile phone are reflected in the quality of the user interface. The quicker and better a smartphone responds to fingertip operation, the higher the rating it receives. Below are the top Best UI android for your android devices.

UI stands for the user interface. It refers to how a piece of software appears to a user. A user interface’s (UI) focus is on providing functionality and graphics for software. The home screen, the notifications panel, etc. are all part of it. UI Android is the visual interface and functionality of Android.

To differentiate their products aesthetically, several competitors modify the Android UI and add new functionality.

Best Android UI Ranked

Below are the few best UI for Android smartphones based on ease of use and experience.

Stock Android User Interface

Stock Android is used in the user interface of official Google devices like the Nexus 5 and 6P. This UI is the “authentic” Android because it has not been altered with and by third parties. Stock Android devices are the first to get upgrades once Google refreshes and releases new versions of the software. The flat, vibrant icons used in this user interface are placed in a vertical scrolling app drawer.

ColorOS Oppo User Interface

The user interface used on Oppo smartphones is known as ColorOS. The Oppo smartphone’s UI is created in such a way that it adds warmth and colour. You might wish to consider this UI if you’re seeking a user interface that can mix stability with efficiency and speed. ColorOS icons have functionality development. Therefore, they are highly elegant and instantly recognisable.

Best Android UI Ranked: Which is the Best UI for Android Smartphones?
Oxygen OS | Source: OnePlus

OxygenOS (Oneplus)

The most recent edition of Oxygen OS, which is based on the Android skin which is created by Oppo’s sibling company. Thus, Oxygen OS and Oppo’s Color OS are now quite close. Although they aren’t the same, they aren’t that dissimilar either. Actually, Color OS is pre-installed on OnePlus phones in China.

Still, Oxygen OS has a tonne of nice features that stock Android does not. Even though it has lost some of its popularity as it departs from its stock roots, it is still one of our users’ preferred Android skins.

Many top-notch features, such as thin icons and graphics, and screen on/off motions are included in OxygenOs.
This Android skin’s app locker, which secures apps that contain sensitive data, is another benefit.

Xiaomi User Interface MIUI

Xiaomi’s user interface is known as MIUI (Mi User Interface). You may take advantage of features like App Cloning, more security, and an improved Gallery app with the newest UI. The MIUI 8 will monitor incoming messages for fraud and phishing threats and notify users.

Control Center, a feature in MIUI, is almost a direct duplicate of Control Center, a function in Apple, which bears the same name. It enhances the notification shade to provide a single location for all the switches and information you require. Additionally, it contains an Ultra Battery Saver mode that dramatically increases the battery life of your phone.

Samsung One UI

You may entirely alter the appearance of your phone with Samsung’s feature-rich theming system. You may completely redesign the look and functionality of your phone by combining Samsung’s settings with third-party apps.

Best Android UI Ranked: Which is the Best UI for Android Smartphones?
One UI | Source: Samsung

Compared to other Android skins and basic Android, One UI is notably different. Samsung injects some fun into the design. Some individuals don’t like how many of its own programmes are pre-installed. One UI has many features that are far above those of competitors, though. In reality, Google occasionally steals concepts from One UI for upcoming stock Android updates.

Realme UI

Realme UI is another android skin that has gained a lot of interest. The Android skin of the realme offers the most significant aesthetic change. The user interface is more fluid, and the icons are personalized. Even the display screens have a lot of customization options. The Realme UI has a clever sidebar with improved accessibility. Gesture controls are also well-executed.

Google Pixel’s UI

Google’s line of Nexus smartphones had stock android.  The Android skin for Pixel phones is known as Pixel UI informally. This is an Android version that resembles stock in appearance but includes numerous non-standard functionality and design modifications.
 The Pixel UI’s Google Assistant-based capabilities are its strongest point. The handy AI-based smarts found in Call Screen, Hold For Me, Magic Eraser, and other Pixel-only features are useful.


The best user interface depends on the expectations and preferences of each individual. What UI do you employ on your smartphone?

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