Battlegrounds Mobile India Might get Banned

Krafton announced the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India this month in India. However, problems have arisen before the game’s launch. Indian Politicians are calling for the ban of the Battlegrounds Mobile India ahead of the launch. Ninong Ering, a former Union Minister and present Arunachal Pradesh MLA, sent Prime Minister Narendra Modi a letter asking the game to be banned.

Ninong Ering mentioned in the letter that Krafton India had hired employees from Tencent. He claimed that it is the same PUBG game that was banned last year, entering the market with minor modifications. Ninong also alleged that the company is relaunching the game to collect and transfer the user data to foreign companies and the Chinese government. He also targeted the various security concerns raised by different countries on Tencent.

Ering also wrote about Krafton’s recent investment in Nodwin Gaming, which will host the game on its servers. He mentioned the security concerns caused by Nodwin Gaming in Pakistan. He also highlighted that the Google Play store app package has PUBG Mobile mentioned in its URL.

Abhishek Singhvi, the current Member of Parliament, entered the fray, claiming that Battlegrounds Mobile India will pave the way for Tencent to enter the Indian gaming market, reported IGN India.

Battleground Mobile India: Chances of it getting banned?

Earlier, Tencent violated privacy guidelines set up by the government resulting in PUBG Mobile ban. But with the new Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton has mentioned that the game has no relation with the Tencent company. Moreover, Krafton also said that they would completely follow the privacy guidelines in India.

So, as of now, there are no signs for the ban of the Battlegrounds Mobile India. The reason for this is this is that the two ministries- the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology involved in the PUBG Mobile ban have already approved the game. Moreover, Prime Minister Narendra Modi or one of the two ministries has not spoken yet.  

About Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an online multiplayer game developed by Krafton. It is an India exclusive version of PUBG mobile. In the game, up to one hundred players jump onto an island and search for arms and supplies to kill opponents. The last person or team standing wins the game. The game offers various maps and modes. You can also opt to play solo, duos, or squad in the game.

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