Apple WWDC 2021 Event

Apple hosted its WWDC 2021 event on 7th June 2021 and announced new privacy features, iOS 15, watchOS 8, macOS Monterey, etc., for their users. The presentation began with a discussion of iOS 15, which includes FaceTime enhancements. Users will now be able to incorporate other app functions such as Music into the FaceTime session. Apple is introducing multitasking capabilities to iPadOS 15, as well as widgets and an app library. Apple has also announced the launch of an iCloud+ subscription service with a privacy focus.

Here’s everything announced in Apple WWDC 2021 Event:

1. Apple iOS15

Apple WWDC 2021 Event announced iOS 15
Apple iOS15 | Source: Apple

I. Improvements to FaceTime

  • FaceTime is adding Spatial Audio, which will make the call more natural and pleasant.
  • Apple also adds voice isolation to the microphone to filter out ambient noise to clear your audio during a FaceTime chat.
  • SharePlay will allow you to view videos or listen to music with your pals on FaceTime, and it may also be used on numerous devices.

II. Messages

A new upgrade is coming to Messages. There’s a new Shared with You section in Messages that displays links, playlists, and photographs in a nice area. Users will also be able to pin an essential message.

III. Notifications

The user might set up a dedicated mode to avoid being bothered by messages. There’s also a new Focus mode, which allows users to set up a focus mode in which only particular applications’ messages and alerts are displayed at a specific time of day.

IV. Live Text

It appears as iOS will eventually receive a Google Lens-like tool that can recognise text in photos and allow users to copy it. Users will recognise text, phone numbers, websites, and other items using Live Text. Users may also seek up information such as a dog’s breed or landmarks, among other things.

V. Improvements to Spotlight

On iOS, Spotlight is the universal search. Photos are now supported by Spotlight search. Apple is also enriching it and improving its outcomes.

VI. Photos get new tweaks

Apple is making updates to Photos’ Memories function. Memories may be mixed and matched, and more intelligent music recommendations may be played in the background. Users are given personalised recommendations.

VII. AirPods updates

  • The update will enhance the talking capabilities of Apple AirPods Pro.
  • AirPods will now get announcement alerts from Apple. Users may select which applications they want Siri to read alerts from, and Siri will only read alerts from those apps.
  • Moreover, Apple is bringing Spatial Audio to TVOS. It’s also coming to Macs with M1 processors. Apple Music’s Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos will begin spreading out today.

VIII. Quick Note

It allows users to rapidly take a note on their iPad, such as a phone number. They may swipe it down, and the brief note will vanish. To their fast notes, users may also add text and links. It’s similar to a floating window that remains visible even while other programs are active.

IX. Multi-tasking

Split view allows users to see two apps side by side on the iPad screen. Users may even launch their email app on top of these two active apps using multi-tasking features. Users will be able to swiftly navigate between various apps thanks to a new Shelf feature.

2. Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet will soon be able to open hotel rooms using keys. It will also collaborate with Hyatt to allow consumers to tap to unlock their hotel rooms. Apple will also include ID information in the wallet, which will be secured. Users in the United States will display their digital ID to the TSA at airports using the wallet.

Apple Wallet
Apple Wallet | Source: Apple

3. Apple Weather

Apple Weather is receiving a new look based on the weather, air quality, and other factors. There are many more backdrops. In iOS 15, the weather app will display full-screen weather maps.

4. Apple Maps

Apple’s new maps are now available in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia, and it will offer additional details in Maps for cities in iOS 15. It will also include a new Night mode. Apple is adding additional data to roadways in Maps so that users can see bus lines, bike lanes, and other features. It is adding 3D directions as well, again similar to what Google Maps offers in select cities. 

5. Apple iCloud+

Apple is adding an account recovery so that family and friends can get a code in case you lose access to your account. It is also introducing a digital legacy program, which will allow people to pass on information to their loved ones when they die away.

6. Apple WatchOS 8

Apple WWDC 2021 Event announced WatchOS 8
Apple WatchOS 8 | Source: Apple
  • The Breathe app has received several updates in watchOS 8. Apple is introducing a new Reflect function that will allow users to reflect on their pleasant sentiments.
  • The new Mindfulness app will include Reflect and Breathe sessions. The Apple Watch is getting a Tai Chi and Pilates exercise. Apple Fitness+ is also getting new workouts.
  • The Fitness+ membership service will also get a new Artists Spotlight series.
  • The sleep app will now track the respiration rate. The Apple Health app will provide further information.
  • Moreover, A new Portraits watch face has been released. Users may now choose from a variety of Portrait images to use as a watch face. On watchOS 8, the Photos app has been overhauled and will now display Memories as well. It also makes it easy to send messages from the watch and reply with a lot of emojis.

7. Apple Privacy

Speech on event includes a particular section on privacy. Apple is increasing the number of privacy-related options available. You’ll be able to see how applications use the privacy settings you’ve given them access to in this section. An app will frequently utilise your location, photographs, and other personal information.

8. Apple HomeK

Apple users will be able to use their iPhone or Watch to unlock their home, provide it has a Smart Lock with HomeKit compatability. The Apple TV app will also show you what movies and programmes your friends are viewing. HomePod mini will also be available as an audio output option for Apple TV 4K users.

9. macOS Monterey

Apple WWDC 2021 Event announced macOS Monteray
Apple macOS Monterey | Source: Apple
  • Apple introduced macOS Monterey in the Apple WWDC 2021 Event.
  • Moreover, Universal Operate allows users to control several devices with the same keyboard and trackpad, such as a MacBook and iPad. Users may even move files across devices by dragging and dropping them. According to Apple, it will function with more than two devices.
  • Mac with AirPlay will allow customers to AirPlay from their iPhone or iPad to their Mac. With this version of macOS, there is more fluidity between Apple devices.

10. App Store

  • Apple claims to have paid around $230 billion to app developers. Depending on the user, app developers will be allowed to offer client images and logos.
  • Apple introduces a new feature called ‘In-App Events,’ which will appear on the App Store and alert users when an app is having a special event.

11. Safari Extensions

  • The new edition of macOS includes a major revamp of Safari announced in Apple WWDC 2021 Event.
  • Safari now has a more simplified tab bar.
  • A new tabs groups feature been added, allowing users to construct a grouping of tabs based on the type of websites/links they include. Tab Groups are also represented on other devices like iPads and MacBooks.

12. Apple Health

  • Apple added a new feature, Walking Steadiness which allows you to look at your fall risks based on how you walk. Exercises to lower your chance of falling will also be included in the app.
  • The Apple Health app will now assist users in better understanding their test findings. Apple also includes long-term trends such as resting heart rate, steps, glucose, and so on.
  • Apple customers will be able to share their health data and notifications with their family. According to Apple, this may be valuable in monitoring the health of an elderly parent, and it also encrypted all the data in transit.

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