Apple Sued in China For Delivering iPhones Without Chargers

With the release of the iPhone 12 last year, Apple chose to discontinue supplying a charger in the box, and students in China sued the corporation over the practice. The Shanghai Law Journal published an article this week on a lawsuit filed against Apple. Earlier this year, the organization filed a lawsuit against Apple, seeking a charger, $16 in damages for breach of contract, and legal expenses.

Apple Provides justification for their Act in China

Apple provides a justification for not including a charger as a regular feature with their phones. The Company says that it reduces waste in the manufacturing process. It includes smaller packaging, less weight, you probably already have one. A group of students from Beijing and Shanghai, according to Vice, believes that Apple is in violation of the contract by failing to include one. Furthermore, they have a variety of justifications for the need for a charger.

Apple update iOS 14.5
iPhone 12

China Challenges The Apple’s Argument

A number of chargers, as asserted in an online hearing, are incompatible with the Lightning to USB-C connector. This is the charger present with the iPhone 12 that Apple supplies with the device. Apple’s claim that it is decreasing waste was also called into question since the firm is advertising MagSafe as a means to charge its phones. Wireless charging is less energy efficient than cable charging, according to the company. In addition, the fact that other Chinese manufacturers are supplying their phones with or without a charger does not assist Apple’s position in the market.

Beijing Court in China asks for evidence

The Beijing court has asked for further proof, and it is uncertain who will prevail in the case. The students in China have Sued Apple. They seek that Apple supplies a charger. The Company paid $16 in damages for breach of contract. It should also cover any legal fees that may be suffered as a result of the dispute. Even if Apple were to lose the lawsuit, it is probable that they would have to begin offering a charger with iPhones. Or at the very least the option of including one throughout China. It’s also worth recalling that Apple was fined $2 million by the Brazilian government in March for the same.

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