Apex Legends Fix For Server Issues Might Take a While

Apex Legends has been recently facing server issues in the game. The issues started on the 14th of September. The developer Respawn Entertainment has come up with a fix. However, the server issues persist as the connectivity issues are now three times higher than the original. It might take a few more days to get a complete solution until the next patch on 22 September. 

What Are the Server Issues in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Gameplay : Source: Ea

The issue resides in connectivity. The servers cannot connect with the Apex Legends game as specific issues with the elements intrude on the connection. The player or the developer might cause this error. These random disconnects cost players their ranked points, further causing a lot of trouble to the game and the gamers.

The Cause of Servers Issues in Apex Legends

A plethora of reasons can be attributed to the cause problems in the Apex Legends server. Bugs seem to be one of the most prominent causes. It could be the glitches on the developer’s end that have been causing the connectivity issues. Sometimes the developers intentionally shut the servers down to ensure smooth functioning. On the other hand, there might be some issues on the player’s end. A slow internet connection will always create issues in server connectivity. Slow internet speeds may cause a crash or a connection server error in Apex Legends.

Some Ways to Fix the Error 

Rebooting the system and router will enable the system to establish a new connection to the server. To tackle a slow internet connection, players should switch to wired connections over WiFi. Clearing the game cache folders via Run and deleting all the files except the local content on PC might also help players in solving the connection error.

Apex Legends | Source: Ea

Compensation for the Lost Ranked Points

Respawn is trying its best to come up with a proper fix. The developer has decided to extend ranked queues for another week as compensation for the players who have lost their ranked points. Players can now relax and make up for their lost ranked points.

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