Apex Legends Reveals Halloween-themed New Monsters Within Event

Apex Legends is bringing Halloween back to life with its new monsters within the Event. Halloween has conceivably been the best time in Apex Legends. This Event puts up spooky aesthetics in the cosmetics arena and also brings a new Arena Map.

Know about Apex Legends Monsters Within Event

In this limited-time Event, you will be able to participate in numerous festivities likes a game mode, map, and more. Respawn Entertainment has revealed over additions of 40 new cosmetics for the players to keep them hanging. Some of them include legendary skins, which you can procure from Apex Packs or by the Apex Legends crafting mechanic. There will be Halloween skins for Revenant, Bloodhound, Caustic, and Seer. You will also find a myriad of Halloween-themed weapon skins, along with holosprays and banners spread around the Event. 

You can also grab exclusive items from Monsters Within packs and regular Apex packs. Make note of the prize tracker that awards Apex packs and other such items throughout the Event. You may obtain classic skins from the in-game store in the previous Halloween event if you’re lucky.

Addition of New Arena Map

Apex Legends Reveals Halloween-themed New Monsters Within Event
Encore | Source: EA

The Halloween thrilled Event adds a new map called Encore to the 3v3 elimination Arenas mode. The new map is set on the homeworld of Seer and Boreas. It is characterized by a performance stage jinxed against the backdrop of a desert and some dazzling lighting. The open layout of the map would enhance environmental awareness for the players.

Return of the Shadow Royale

Apex Legends Reveals Halloween-themed New Monsters Within Event
Shadow Royale | Source: EA

Players have favored the Shadow Royale mode since its inception. This mode will return for a week in the Apex Legends Monsters Within Event. Shadow Royale mode is the one that turns off the lights on Kings Canyon, making players fight at night and defending attacks from living and Shadow-Form enemies. 

Apex Legends Monsters Within Event Release Date

The Apex Legends Monsters Within Event will begin from October 12 to November 2. You can check out all the additions and features in the Event for three weeks.

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