Apex Legends Mobile: Here’s what you need to know!

In the world of pc gamers, Apex Legends have a huge fan base when it comes to battle royal. Its fast-paced gameplay and diversified abilities are eye-catching. Electronics Art, its publisher, now seeks to deliver the game to a wider audience. With this in mind, EA is planning to launch the game for your smartphone soon with Apex Legends mobile.

EA stated it’ll soon begin testing of the game in select countries, and we’ll get to see the launch of the game on the mobile platform soon. The release of Apex Legends Mobile was announced two years back, but only recently EA came up with a reasonable update.

India and the Philippines: First two countries for Beta testing!

EA is planning to begin the beta testing of the mobile version in India and the Philippines. It may take as long as this month for EA to release the beta version. So it is highly likely for you to pre-register for the beta program in India by this month-end.

According to the publisher, the initial program will allow a max number of 1,000 applications for the beta program. Therefore it would be difficult for you to test out the game, due to the limited number of applicants allowed. After the first phase, EA will broaden the reach of the beat program to other countries as well.

Apex in-game characters
Some of the Apex in-game characters | Source: EA

Apex Legends Mobile will set its first foot on Android phones, but EA has assured iPhone users will soon follow up in the future. Players expecting a crossplay platform may get disappointed. EA said that Apex Legends Mobile is being built “specially” for mobile and will not feature crossplay with its games pc or console counterparts.

The overwhelming success of Apex in pc games is what brings it into the mobile gaming scenario. When it comes to battle royale, a large portion of the mobile community is hooked to it. Apex legends entry into mobile gaming can prove to be challenging. With games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Garena Free Fire let’s see how Apex legends will manage to find a spot in the hearts of mobile gamers.

Apex Gameplay
Apex gameplay | Source: EA

Apex gathered a huge amount of player fanbase in the pc gaming community. We hope the same happens in the smartphone gaming community. Well as of now, only time will tell whether apex will be able to stand up for its name.

About Apex Legends

Apex Legends developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the major contenders in the battle royale world of gaming. You start with a party of 3 and hops into the lobby of a total of 20 teams consisting of 60 players in total.

You have a multi-level line-up available when it comes to agent/legends selection with a total of 16 legends as of now. Each one posses a different ability and impacts the gameplay in an altogether different manner. The overall aim of the game is to stay the last team alive in the ring which keeps on shrinking to be the champion.

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