Apex Legends Bloodhound Event: Return of PvE Combat

A brand new Leak from an Apex Legends data miner shed tremendous light on a forthcoming Bloodhound event, including the return of PvE combat. At present, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is leaving no stone unturned in stabilizing the servers. A larger fix is still awaited but Apex Legends still looks for something new. 

Apex Legends Bloodhound Event

A new event is about to begin in Apex Legends. Shrugtal, a data miner from Apex Legends has revealed information regarding an event that focuses on Bloodhound. It also witnesses the return of PvE which is making an appearance after a long time since Broken Ghost Quest in season 5.

Details of Bloodhound Event

Apex Legend | Source: EA

The event is titled “Old Ways, New Dawn.” It centers around Bloodhound’s conflict with Hammond’s destruction of World Edge. This event will let you face off against NPCs instead of other players. Shrugtal only mentioned “a little combat,” but still, it’s something the game hasn’t offered in over five seasons. 

Release Date

According to Shrutgal, the introduction event shall be available on September 28, 2021. The first part will commence on 29 September followed by the second part on 2nd October. The third and the final part is set on 5th October. Whatever happens with the finale, it’s expected to last in-game until the Monsters event, which seems like part of Apex Legends‘ Halloween events, on October 12.

Apex Legends Packs in Bloodhound Event

Finishing these parts will give players three Apex Legends packs that will let you unlock new cosmetics (rare and higher) for Bloodhound. There is also a new skin for Bloodhound overall which is required to be purchased standalone or in a bundle. The skin is facing certain glitches. It is showing a black Artur instead of White Raven as teased in the trailer. This will most probably be fixed in the near future. Until then, sit back and get pumped up for the new event. 

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