Android 13 Four New Designs For Dynamic Theming System

One of the most prominent features of Android 12 is the wallpaper-based dynamic theming. The “monet” codenamed feature produces a color rich palette based on the colors retrieved from your wallpaper and then uses it to theme different elements of the system UI and apps. According to the leaks, with Android 13 wallpaper based dynamic theming feature looks to be getting even more interesting.

The following four new designs for the “monet” dynamic theming:

  • TONAL SPOT: The Default Material You palette.
  • VIBRANT: This one has richer secondary and background colors.
  • EXPRESSIVE: Covers a broader variety of colors, even ones that aren’t present in the backdrop.
  • SPIRITZ: The palette is muted, almost grayscale.

However, all of these designs would still extract colors from your wallpaper and produce a color rich palette. On Pixel phones, Android 12 already includes four dynamic theme designs that are produced by altering the seed color or primary hue. However these new designs would be different in that they would allow for greater customization and color.

Now let’s look at the several other updates that may come in Android 13.

Android 13 New Features 

With every update Android brings tons of new features in which some are major and some are minor. Similarly Android 13 will also bring tons of prominent features for the users. Till now there is nothing confirmed about the new features that will be included in Android 13. However, there are glimpses of what we might expect from the upcoming Android release next year.

1. Multi-User NFC Payment

On a single Android device, you may create numerous profiles for various users in order to avoid sharing personal data with all users. However, there are several limitations to what secondary user profiles can achieve, one of which being the inability to conduct NFC payments. Contactless payments through NFC are becoming increasingly popular in many regions of the world. However, you cannot conduct NFC payments using secondary user profiles on Android 12, even if you have the latest version of the operating system. But with the Android 13 update you can expect this thing to be changed. 

2. Support for DNS Over HTTPS

Currently Android has support for DNS over TLS but a recent code change in AOSP suggests that the new support for DNS over HTTPS of DoH will going to add in upcoming Android 13 update.

3. Disable Background App Limitations

Android 12 introduced a new background app limiter named as PhantonProcessKiller. But some users who don’t want to limit their background usage were not happy with this. So finally in the new update we may see a toggle to disable the background app limitation feature. 

4. App Languages

According to the reports, Google is working on the new feature codenamed Panligual that allows users to adjust different languages for specific applications. This update will be very beneficial for the multilingual users who want to operate different applications in specific languages.

5. Runtime Permission for Notifications

If you don’t want to get notifications from all applications or for specific applications you can do that with Android 13. Android 13 adds a new feature of “POST_NOTIFICATION” for notification. Under this feature you can allow or disable the notifications when the newly installed application opened for the first time.

6. Clock Layout on Lock Screen

On Android 12, the clock is shown in a large font in the middle of the lock screen. When alerts come, the clock moves in a single line to the top-left corner of the screen. When the alerts are ignored, the lock screen returns to taking up the bulk of the available area. With Android 13 Google may offer you the ability to modify the clock design on the lock screen and the layout by default. 

For the time being, we just have this much information regarding the Android 13 dynamic theming new designs and several other features. We will provide more information once it becomes available.

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