All Existing Viper Lineups for Pearl Map in Valorant

Valorant’s newest map Pearl has got players hooked on it, as it has an open yet strategically complex layout. Speaking of strategies, in this article, we will discuss all the basic Viper Lineups in Pearl, the Valorant underwater map. 

I. Why use Viper Lineups on Pearl in Valorant?

Controllers are the ones to make space for the duelists to enter sites and shoot some heads. That makes the controller’s key to making winning rounds easily and keeping your team safe. Viper is one of the most versatile controllers in the game and is very popular due to that.

On the newest map Pearl, Viper can be very dominating and can make the enemies cry with her lineups. So, keep on reading and learn lineups on how to poison your enemies from far away on Pearl.

II. Viper Lineups for Pearl Map in Valorant

Attackers Side Viper Lineups:

1. A Site Entry:

A Site Entry Toxic Screen Lineup

You would be mostly entering the A Site from A Main so it’s very important that you know you to execute smoke (Poison Cloud) and screen from there.

Go to A Restaurant at the start of the round. Aim her Toxic Screen at A Secret so that the smoke covers A Link and A Flowers. You can also throw her Poison Cloud at A Secret before entering A Site to block the defenders’ vision

A Site Entry Poison Cloud Lineup

The Poison Cloud can be thrown after going to A Restaurant near the left corner and aiming up, making the edge of the agent’s (Q) Ability HUD touch the edge of the roof’s slope.

A Site Entry Poison Cloud Lineup

But due to higher fuel consumption, you only have a limited time to execute onto the site once both your wall and smoke are done. For best results, she may be best paired with a second controller like Omen.

2. A Site Post-Plant:

A Site Post Plant Poison Cloud Lineup

Snake Bite or Molly is a Viper ability that comes in the clutch after planting. You must move to A Main soon after planting the spike to execute the post-plant Snake Bite lineup.

A Site Post Plant Poison Cloud Lineup

For doing that, you need to stand near the back side of the A-Main, in the left corner, and place the (Q) ability HUD on the pillar with the crosshair facing up.

3. B Site Entry:

B Site Entry Toxic Screen Lineup

The B Ramp is the common part from where entry into B Site is taken so the smoke and screen are a key for a controlled entry.

The Toxic Screen from B Ramp can be positioned easily so that it covers the B Tower and B Link as well. The Poison Cloud lineup, on the other hand, is risky.

You will have to aim the crosshair at the blue line above the B Hall’s roof and jump to throw it. This will prevent access from both B Hall and B Screen. Make sure to properly time your execution and keep a close eye on your fuel gauge.

4. B Site Post plant:

B Site Post Plant Poison Cloud Lineup

The B Ramp’s back side provides ample cover to call it one of the most secure locations to execute a post-plant lineup.

B Site Post Plant Poison Cloud Lineup

You’ll have to go to the left corner of the B ramp, raise the crosshair to make the (C) ability HUD touch the edge of the triangle-shaped roof slate, and shoot it to make it land on the spike plant in front of the B Hall.

Defenders Side Viper Lineups

1. A Defense:

A Defense Toxic Screen Lineup

With her Toxic Screen, you can control many defensive angles and choke points. Cast her wall from Mid Doors while aiming towards A Main to block attackers’ vision at A Main and A Art.

This simultaneously blocks Mid Doors, A Link, and A Main, which is helpful for slowing attackers doing a split push.

2. B Defense: 

B Defense Toxic Screen Lineup

Because the B site is so open, Viper’s Toxic Screen is best used to prevent attackers from seeing the B Ramp.

Cast the screen/wall while looking left from the buy phase barrier at B main to cover B main and mid doors too. You should also discuss with your team the best time to activate the wall. Do this before the buy phase ends.

III. Conclusion on Viper Lineups on Pearl, Valorant:

So that’s it for this article. We mentioned the basic Viper lineups on Pearl Map, Valorant’s newest map, and hope that it helped you. If you know more interesting lineups don’t forget to mention them in the comments section.

IV. About Valorant:

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. It is a 5v5 esports game that combines the elements of classic shooter games and hero ability type MOBA games. It Beta released in April 2020 and officially launched in June 2020.

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