Location of Covert Cavern POI in Fortnite | Where to find the Vault Keycard?

Not just with the events, even new maps and guns are released to make Battle Royale Games interesting and refreshing day-after-by with new updates. ‘Covert Cavern’ is the new location in Fortnite. It is introduced to us on February 1st, 2022, as a part of the new Update 19.20.

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1. What is Covert Cavern POI in Fortnite?

The Covert Cavern is an upcoming location in Chapter 3: Season 1. It will be the main base of the Imagined Order on Artemis and IO Guards are guarding it. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Grotto from back in the Ghost Vs Shadow days of the game. The only prerequisite to open up the Vault is the Covert Cavern Keycard.

2. Location Of Covert Cavern in Fortnite:

The Covert Cavern is located Northeast of Camp Cuddle and Southwest of Logjam Lumberyard.

3. How to get the Covert Cavern Keycard in Fortnite?

A powerful IO Brute called Gunnar holds the Keycard. Once we obtain the Keycard, a marker appears on the screen guiding us to the Vault. We can’t store the Keycard in tents.

4. The IO Brute in Fortnite

The Brute has 650 health, along with 650 shields which makes him extremely tanky. He is armed with a Mythic SMG. We can obtain this Mythic SMG on eliminating the IO Brute. He can do charged dash attack with 10 seconds cooldown, and can even throw grenades.

5. The New creative items of the Fortnite Update 19.20:

  • Flame Bow
  • Mythic SMG
  • Flare Gun
  • Fire Flies
  • Petrol Cans
  • Heavy Shotgun is Back

6. Conclusion:

Damn! This update looks amazing. I am very excited to obtain the Covert Cavern Keycard and enter the Vault. It feels nostalgic to get back the Heavy Shotgun. I just wish no enemies will be camping around the place and take me down while I’m fighting against the IO Brute. What are you guys still waiting for? I have already started updating my game; I recommend you guys to update and experience the Vault. Happy Gaming.

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