AC Valhalla Spider Clues : Tallest Tree in Dublin

Being an action role-playing game, in AC Valhalla, you should be completing quests along with defeating bosses and enemies. Few quests are pretty easy to complete; whereas, a few tend to be difficult to complete. Being difficult doesn’t just mean being a hectic task to complete, but even could be a quest that has a series of things to do for completing the quest. One such quest is defeating the Spider. Before defeating the Spider, you should have to find him. How can you find the Spider in AC Valhalla? What are the steps involved in finding the Spider in AC Valhalla?

What is the tallest tree in Dublin in AC Valhalla?

The Tallest Tree in Dublin is where you find the most important Spider Clue; the one which reveals to us the identity of the Spider in AC Valhalla.  

You can find the tallest tree in the Northeastern parts of Dublin. It is just north of Skall’s Rest, and just south of Dubgaill’s Landing. As it is the tallest among all the trees around it, it is quite easy to spot.

How can you find Spider in AC Valhalla?

What is the tallest tree in Dublin in AC Valhalla?
Spider in AC Valhalla

The Spider is one of the members of the New Order. To find the Spider, you will have to collect the Spider Clues. The Spider Clues are the ones that give you hints about the identity of the Spider.

There are a total of three (3) Spider Clues.

What are the steps involved in finding the Spider in AC Valhalla?

Clue #1:

Kill The Whisper to receive the first clue. This clue will head you to Dublin.

Clue #2:

Defeating the Drinking Champion:

You can find the Drinking Champion in Dublin’s Alehouse. You’ll find him in the southwest of the settlement. The contest is one of the easier ones. Once you defeat him, you will find the next Spider Clue.

Defeating the Drinking Champion:
Drinking Challenge

Note: It is one of the easiest contests only if you are confident with the drinking game mechanics.

Clue #3:

You will find the third clue; you should start your search for the tallest tree in Dublin.

Once you spot the tree, you can find the clue on the bench located on the western side of the tree. Read this clue to find the identity of the Spider.

Now, you are aware of who the Spider is. Once you know who it is, you can open the Children of Danu Order menu and mark them on your compass as your target.

The Spider Order Member Identity and Location

The Spider Order Member Identity and Location
Aideen, Merchant of Dublin

Aideen, Merchant of Dublin is the Spider in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. She was discovered south of Dublin’s market district, near Kilchrist. Aideen should be easy to kill because she is not surrounded by hostile NPCs. Assassinating her will provide you with further information about the Children of Danu as well as a rune.

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