AC Valhalla Jorvik Gear | How to Get Jorvik Gear Wealth

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a lot of gears that you can get not only from missions but from special chests as well, these chests contain special items like weapons, shields, and pieces of armor for free. Sometimes these chests are inside buildings, tunnels, underground, or either locked. You can obtain so many wealth from this AC Valhalla Jorvik Gear Locations. 

AC Valhalla Jorvik Gear includes 5x Tungsten Ingots, 5x Gear wealth, and 1x Book of Knowledge.

1. All Tungsten Ingots Locations in Jorvik and How to Get Them?

  • Tungsten Ingot #1: Coppergate Market, Jorvik
  • Tungsten Ingot #2: West of the Councillor’s House, Jorvik
  • Tungsten Ingot #3: The Minister, Jorvik
  • Tungsten Ingot #4: Jorvik Underground
  • Tungsten Ingot #5: East of Jorvik Theatre

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #1

AC Valhalla Jorvik Gear | How to Get Jorvik Gear Wealth
Tungsten Ingot #1 Location

This Ingot is located in Coppergate Market in Jorvik, here you will need to destroy a blocked door through a skinny window near it. Inside that door you will find a breakable wall, you will need an explosive pot to destroy it or you can use the Incendiary Power Trap skill.

AC Valhalla Jorvik Gear | How to Get Jorvik Gear Wealth
Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #1

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #2

Tungsten Ingot #2 Location

You will find this Ingot in West of the Councillor’s House, Jorvik. This Ingot chest needs three keys to unlock it and none of them reside in Jorvik, you can find the first key at a tower east of the sync point, near Anlaf’s Lookout, in Eurvicscire.

First Key Location

You can find the second key at a cursed area in Eurvicscire called, Cultist Ritual. You can find this area near the northwest of Jorvik. The next key, the third, and the last key can be found in another cursed area near the northeastern part of Jorvik, in Eurvicscire. You can find it beneath a large tree near the Dalby Forest.

Second Key Location
Third Key Location

After you find all three keys at last, getting inside the house is very easy where the chest is. You can simply enter through the roof or back window.

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #3

Tungsten Ingot #3 Location

You can find the third ingot in The Minister in Jorvik. At this location, you just need to climb in through the roof and then head right in through the door on the southwestern part, then inside the room, there would be a chest near the back.

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #3

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #4

Tungsten Ingot #4 Location

This Ingot can be found in Jorvik’s underground in Multangular Tower, However once you’re underground you’ll come across two enemies near a breakable wall and there would be an explosive pot near them, shoot on the north side of them and blow up the wall, then on the left there would be a moveable wall, slide that wall to find this ingot.

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #4

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #5

Tungsten Ingot #5 Location

You can find this last Ingot east of Jorvik’s Theater. Once you’re there you need to destroy a wooden floor to go underground and then dive underwater and continue until you reach across the hall. Once reach an open area dive back into the water and go through an open window to reach a new area. Swim-up to this area and climb a ladder, continue along the path of the hallway until you come across a wealth chest.

To open that chest you need to find a key, that will be above a bookcase filled with scrolls. After you find the first key, you can use that to open another door to find another key that will be used to get the Ingot from the chest.

Key Location to open the Tungsten Chest #5

2. What are Different Gear you can Find in Jorvik Wealth in AC Valhalla?

  • Sagittarius Bow: Sagittarius Bow
  • Aella’s Bardiche: Jorvik Theater
  • Hidden Ones’ Robes: Southernwest Jorvik
  • Spinning Death: Trade Depot, Jorvik
  • Fyrd Axe: Forseti’s Rest, Jorvik

I. Where to Find Every AC Valhalla Jorvik Gear Wealth?

i. Sagittarius Bow

Location: Jorvik Underground (Multangular Tower)

Sagittarius Bow Location

To find the Sagittarius bow, go to the Multangular tower that is located in north Jorvik, near the Ouse River and when you reach there drop to the bottom. After dropping to the bottom, start moving forward towards the tunnels in the northern direction. Don’t stop until you reach a big room with three guards and a lot of explosive pots. There is a breakable wall there, so you need to shoot pots in the north of the room to break it.

After you break the wall, follow the tunnel into the room on the left. There is a shelf there that you have to move and break the wooden barriers, after you break the barriers there is a room full of snakes and an explosive pot in the middle. Kill all the snakes and grab the explosive pot and carry it to the far side of the room. Now shoot it there to find another tunnel.

Follow that tunnel until you find a bigger room with tight ropes and scaffolding. Jump over to the right side of the room and grab an explosive pot, again carry it to the far side of the room and shoot it to find another tunnel but this time it has water.

Swim over to the other side of the wall to the surface, to find another hallway. There is a small hole there, slip through right in it, there is another room with a moveable shelf blocking a breakable wall. Move this shelf and place an explosive pot near it and shoot it to break the wall. Behind the wall, there is a chest containing Sagittarius Bow.

Sagittarius Bow Chest
Sagittarius Bow

ii. Aella’s Bardiche

Location: Jorvik Theater

Aella’s Bardiche Location

Go to the Southern part of the Jorvik Theater and break the wooden barrier there to see a small crack in the wall. Slip through that crack in the wall to find Jorvik Theatre Crypt Key. After you find the key climb up to the next level and grab an explosive pot. Then carry it to the northwestern side of the building.

Jorvik Theatre Crypt Key

After you reach the breakable wall, set the pot in front of it and blow it up. Enter the path that you discovered and move the shelf out of the way to see a locked door. Use the key that you found to open the door to the room and after you enter the room finally, there is a chest containing Aella’s Bardiche.

Use Jorvik Theatre Crypt Key to Open the Chest
Aella’s Bardiche in AC Valhalla

iii. Hidden Ones’ Robes

Location: Southernwest Jorvik

Hidden Ones’ Robes Location

You will find this armor in the western part of the city. Destroy a weak wooden floor south of the gear marker to head underground. Then, dive underwater and continue forward along the hall. Once you reach an open area, dive back underwater, and head through an open window to reach a new area.

Break the Wooden and Dive Underwater

Swim up to the top and climb a ladder. Continue along the hallways until you reach a wealth chest. Turn to the left and look above the large bookcase with scrolls. On the top of that you will the key to open the door to the Hidden Ones’ Robes Chest.

Take the Key and Open the Door to the Chest
Hidden Ones’ Robes in AC Valhalla

iv. Spinning Death

Location: Trade Depot, Jorvik

Spinning Death Weapon Location
Spinning Death Weapon Chest

See the marked area on the map and head towards that point, after you reach that point, climb to the top of the building then drop down through the panes in the roof. After you drop down, open the door on the south side of the ground then enter a room with a chest there containing Spinning Death.

Spinning Death

v. Fyrd Axe

Location: Forseti’s Rest, Jorvik

Fyrd Axe Location
Find the Key Underneath the Create

At Jorvik’s eastern side on the southern tip, enter Foresti’s rest from the northern side then run to the far right corner. Inside a feast hall where you’ll need to slide a moveable wall so you can climb past it. There’s a key underneath a crate take the key and then climb up top where the gear is hidden in a locked chest. Break the weak wooden wall to find the chest.

Break the Wall to Get the Chest
Fyrd Axe

3. Where to Find Book of Knowledge in Jorvik AC Valhalla?

Book of Knowledge Location

You can find this gear in the Archives of Jorvik. All you need to do is climb up to the second floor of the church and then shoot through a narrow window near it, after you shoot something will drop on the ceiling inside to break open the wall that is being blocked.

Shoot Through a Narrow Window

Head right inside through the ceiling gap and this is where you will find the Book of Knowledge gear in Jorvik, AC Valhalla.

Book of Knowledge in Jorvik AC Valhalla

Moreover, Jorvik has many Wealth points and the information given above has all of the points of interest to get all the gears present there. Did you manage to get all of the gears simultaneously in Jorvik Ac Valhalla? Please do tell us!

4. About Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the twelfth major installment in the Assassin’s Creed series, developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft in 2020. The game is an action role-playing video game set in the years 872–878 AD. It is based on a fictional story during the Viking expansions into the British Isles. Players get to play Eivor Varinsdottir, a Viking raider fighting for peace and order among the Assassin Brotherhood.

The modern-day portion of the story is set in the 21st century. It portrays Layla Hassan, an Assassin who relives Eivor’s memories so as to find a way to save the Earth from destruction. The game is available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Stadia, and PlayStation 5.

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