7 Best Cheat Sheet Websites for Developers

In Programming the technologies are evolving rapidly and with this development, the amount of knowledge we need to gain is also increasing. But most of the time it’s not possible for all of us to remember all the languages syntaxes, methods, and concepts. So to solve this problem cheat sheets are there. The cheat sheet contains all the syntax correctly and systematically to find what you want easily. This article will share the 7 best cheat sheet websites that will help you in your next project.

1. Awesome-Cheat Sheets

The Awesome-Cheat Sheets is the popular collection of web programming cheat sheets. It includes all the programming languages like HTML5, CSS3, React.js, Node.js, Python, and C. It also contains the cheat sheet of google keyboard shortcuts.


2. GitSheet

The GitSheet is the list of commands that you often use with the git. It describes the usage of all the commands to understand what that command is going to do. Gitsheet provides an easy click to copy option to copy the commands.


3. Grid

The Grid is a web page containing a detailed collection of all properties used in defining the CSS3 grid in examples. It also provides an easy click to copy option to copy the commands.

7 Best Cheat Sheet Websites for Developers

4. OverApi

The OverApi is another popular cheat sheet website. It has a collection of many popular programming languages such as JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, CSS, and many more. When you click on any of the functions, it takes you to the MDN website, where you will find all the information related to that topic.

7 Best Cheat Sheet Websites for Developers

5. Bootstrap 5 CheatSheet

The Bootstrap 5 CheatSheet contains an interactive list of all variables, classes, ids, and mixins used in bootstrap. It provides an easy click to copy option to copy the code in your clipboard. This is the only bootstrap cheat sheet you will ever need.

Bootstrap 5 CheatSheet
Bootstrap 5 CheatSheet

6. Web Dev SEO Cheat Sheet

The Web Dev SEO Cheat Sheet is the complete SEO cheat sheet that provides you with all the SEO tips and tricks for the website you make. It gives you the ease of downloading all the cheat sheets together.

Web Developer SEO Cheat Sheet
Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

7. Modern JS Cheatsheet

The Modern JS Cheatsheet provides you with the complete documentation of all the JavaScript you will frequently encounter in your modern projects and codes. This website doesn’t teach you the JavaScript but helps the developers in understanding the modern base codes.

7 Best Cheat Sheet Websites for Developers
Modern JS Cheatsheet


I hope you found all the cheat sheet websites helpful. We wrote all the websites that we found helpful, but there are plenty of websites on the internet. So if you have any websites that you found useful, let others know about them by listing the names in the comment section below.

Happy Coding!

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