6 Useful Smartphone Gadgets

A smartphone naturally has many smart features, but sometimes you can be more productive and smarter with smartphone accessories. Smartphone accessories have become commonplace in our everyday lives as a way to improve the overall user experience. Furthermore, there are also plenty of revolutionary smartphone accessories that you may not have heard of until reading this post. So here we have listed useful smartphone gadgets that will get most of our devices.

1. Wetekit Smartphones UV Sanitizer

  • A compact device that will protect you against harmful germs and bacteria by eliminating them from your phone
  • It has dual germicidal UV lights that eliminate various germs and bacteria by sanitizing your device in less than eight minutes
  • This gadget can kill 99.97 of common household germs
  • You can start the disinfection process by just pressing a button.
  • It can also sanitize other items as it includes an accessories basket for small items such as masks, jewellery, coins, and more
  • This device is portable, stylish, practical, and compact.
6 Useful Smartphone Gadgets
Wetekit Smartphones UV Sanitizer | Source: Walmart

2. Prosvet 360 Rotation Phone Holder

  • 360 degrees rotating face-tracking camera holder
  • The mobile phone will turn to you wherever you go with this holder and can automatically recognize the pet/ person.
  • You can take pictures automatically with this with 3 seconds timer.
  • Useful for taking lectures, Vlogging, creating videos for Instagram and Facebook, presentation and more
  • It can be used with iPhone and Android both in both portrait and landscape mode.
6 Useful Smartphone Gadgets
Prosvet 360 Rotation Phone Holder | Source: Flipkart

3. WonderCube

  • All your mobile essentials in a compact cube
  • This cube contains MFi Cable, Charge, Flash Memory, OTG USB, SYNC, Emergency Charger, and even LED Torch
  • It can also be used as a phone stand
  • You can use it as a charger with the help of a 9Volt battery
  • This device can be used to transfer data by connecting it with a laptop/pc

4. KODAK step wireless mobile photo mini printer

  • Allow you to print your photos on the go instantly
  • All you have to do is download the free KODAK step prints app and connect this pocket-size printer to your smartphone
  • This creates brilliant 2×3 inch print whenever and wherever you want to
  • Moreover, through the app, you can use its full editing suite to add filters, borders and stickers to your photos
  • This device features a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that allows you to print 25 photos on a full charge
  • This mini printer does not require any ink toner or cartridge
  • Each sheet of sticky-backed photo paper is also treated with protective wear that shields it from water damage and smudges
6 Useful Smartphone Gadgets
KODAK step wireless mini printer | Source: KODAK

5. Pictar Smart Lens

  • Allows you to click impressive wide-angle pictures from your phone
  • You have to attach it to your smartphone’s existing camera lens, and it will change your camera’s perspective and its field of view with a 160-degree coverage angle
  • This 18 millimetres lens is lightweight and has a rigid aluminium body
  • The Pictar smart wide-angle lens is perfect for clicking landscapes and group images
6 Useful Smartphone Gadgets
Pictar Smart Lens | Source: Pictar

6. Amber X

  • Amber X is a smart personal cloud device that will allow you to access your files from anywhere on earth
  • You can store all your data locally and access it from anywhere
  • You can create a secure profile while being connected to your home wi-fi network, and it will create your personal cloud
  • This device comes in with a built-in 500 GB SSD with the option for unlimited storage expansion, where you can store all your
  • With its end-to-end encryption, all your encrypted content is stored locally on your Amber X device and can be accessed worldwide

What are your thoughts about our list of useful smartphone gadgets? Let us know by commenting down below.

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