6 Best CSS Frameworks in 2021

The presentation of the website is described using the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). A responsive and user-friendly website attracts more users than non-responsive websites. And by using CSS frameworks, developers can easily create user-friendly and browser-compatible websites. The main benefit of CSS frameworks is that they save time as you don’t need to code from scratch.

If you are looking for the best CSS framework for your next project, we have listed out 6 best CSS frameworks for you.

Before the list of frameworks, let’s first discuss what frameworks are and why to use them.

1. What are CSS Frameworks?

CSS frameworks constitute several ready-to-use CSS stylesheets for web developers and designers. Frameworks come with in-built standard web design functions:  color, margin, padding, height, width, navbars, layouts, and many more.

While using the frameworks, the developer needs to write the HTML code with the correct class or id to set up a website as frameworks have in-built classes and ids.

2. Why use CSS Frameworks?

  1. We can enhance our development speed through frameworks by using the predefined classes and ids for the navbar, buttons, cards, and many more.
  2. CSS Frameworks can help us in creating user-friendly and browser-compatible websites easily.

3. Best CSS Frameworks in 2021

i. Bootstrap

The Bootstrap is one of the best CSS frameworks developed by Twitter in 2011. It is best because of its fully responsive design and configuration. HTML, SASS, and JavaScript are all configured inside it. For other viewports, add the required classes, and the website will automatically adjust according to the viewport of the device.

6 Best CSS Frameworks for 2021
Why Choose Bootstrap?

ii. Tailwind

The Tailwind is the utility-first framework that differs from Bulma and Bootstrap because it doesn’t come with pre-designed classes and ids. It allows you to incorporate unique UI designs directly in the markup. Tailwind is very handy for implementing the inline styling without writing the CSS code from scratch.

6 Best CSS Frameworks for 2021
Why Choose Tailwind?

iii. Pure CSS

The Pure is also the best CSS framework by Yahoo, which is based on Normalize.css. It consists of a small set of modules that we can use in every project. Pure is crafted beautifully to fit in all the different viewports. The entire set of modules comes small in size, as it is important to keep the file size small.

Why Choose Pure
Why Choose Pure CSS?

iv. Materialize

The Materialize is a popular framework by Google with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It is also known as Material Design. It is basically a design language that combines the principle of successful design with development and technology. Materialize consists of several components that help us in enhancing our development and user experience.

Why Choose Materialize
Why Choose Materialize?

v. Bulma

The Bulma is a free, open-source framework based on flexbox. It provides 100% responsive ready-to-use components that we can combine easily with our websites. It consumes the system knows as tiles to build a grid for a smooth and good user experience. This is a popular framework with a lightweight structure.

6 Best CSS Frameworks for 2021
Why Choose Bulma?

vi. Skeleton CSS

The Skeleton is a super light framework developed for building a fully responsive and user-friendly websites. For using this framework, you don’t need to install anything. It includes all the components for responsive websites such as grid, flexbox. Skeleton suits best for small or one-page websites.

6 Best CSS Frameworks for 2021
Why Choose Skeleton?

4. Conclusion

In the above write up I tried to explain all the 6 Best CSS frameworks. So I hope that was enough to have a detailed overview of each framework. However, all the modern frameworks are excellent in terms of features, so to choose one for the next project, you need to try them.

So please tell us which framework you will use in your next project by writing us in the comment section below.

Happy Coding!

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