5 Things a Beginner Should Know about Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival game, in which your character wanders around in an open world collecting resources and many other using items. The world which your character roams in made up of blocks usually cubical, these blocks represent objects in the game. Within this world the game day passes in about 20-real world minutes and the night time is more dangerous than the day time. Here today we are going to talk about Things a Beginner Should Know about Minecraft.

What you need to do in your new world in 20 mins before it is night time in the game is that you need to gather resources by simply hitting a tree and make a craft box, after you have made a craft box you need to make a pickaxe which makes it more easier for you to gather resources like cobblestone and wood from the trees.

After you have your weapons you need to gather enough resources to make a shelter for your character and make a bed and place it in your house and sleep in it by simply right clicking it and as soon as you sleep the game day changes to day time when it’s peaceful.

5 Things a Beginner Should Know about Minecraft

I. Key Binds and Controls 

5 Things a Beginner Should Know about Minecraft
Key Binds and Controls in Minecraft

First and foremost thing a player should know in Minecraft before playing a game are its keybinds, if a player wouldn’t know the controls to the game, he/she would not be able to play it.

As we can see in the above image are the basic controls for minecraft and you can easily change them to your comfort from settings.

II. Stock Up on Food as much as You Can

food items minecraft 1.18
Food Items in Minecraft

The most important thing in minecraft is food. You can gather food by either killing cows, chicken and pigs or you can either make your own food by plowing a field and growing crops near your house and get bread and other things from it.

You need your food ready in your inventory as your character keeps getting hungry as the day passes. Furthermore, you also need food if your health gets low by a creeper or any other creatures like zombies, skeleton or spiders etc. All these creatures are on hunt for you during the night time, so remember to stock up on food more during the night time.

III. How to Mine Iron, Gold and Diamond blocks?

5 Things a Beginner Should Know about Minecraft
Iron in Minecraft | Minecraft

You’re probably wondering how do I get these Iron, Gold and Diamond blocks. What you need to do first is get a stone pickaxe from the craft box and find a cave. Remember to have your armor and weapons with you as the caves are full of creepers and other creatures. Also carry a torch with you as it is very dark in the caves.

Once you have found the cave and have proper loot. You need to find the Iron ore and you will easily find one once you start to dig deeper in the cave. Same with the Gold and Diamond block, but for Diamond block you need a Iron pickaxe to mine it.

After you find all these blocks you need to make a furnace from the craft box with cobblestone. Once the furnace is done, place it in your house. After placing the furnace, mine coal as well from the caves, and once you have all the blocks and coals start to make ores for the blocks that you have got by placing them one by one in the furnace. When the ores are done you can make armors and weapons from those.

IV. Make Armors before Going out of your House

5 Things a Beginner Should Know about Minecraft
Armors in Minecraft

Another important thing in this game is armor and weapons. The better the armor, the longer it protects you. The same is with the weapons as well, the better the weapons, the more the damages.

You can simply make armor and weapons from the craft box and if you have better blocks like Iron, Gold, Diamond make ores of them and when the ores are done simply go to the craft box and search the combination for making them.

V. Nether Portal 

Nether Portal in Minecraft

A nether portal is made from the block obsidian, which is found in the caves near lava. This portal allows a player to travel between the overworld and the nether. A nether portal should be made as shown above in the picture and once you place the blocks like that carry a bucket of lava with you and place it inside the obsidian rectangle, this will open up the portal.

i. What Lies in this Portal? 

Once you enter the portal, you are already in danger and you should try to stay away from the piglin the pig people, which attack you if you attack them. You also do trades with them by offering them Gold ingots and in return they give you many items. 

Other than piglin, the nether also has the Nether Temples which you can raid but there is a one blaze spawn cage and one magma cube spawn cage, and once you raid this nether temple you get very good loot and by looting the blaze spawn cage you can blaze rods, which are used to brew portions.

So that is all a beginner should know while playing Minecraft. That’s all from me folks hope you found this helpful and enjoy your game!

2. About Minecraft

Mojang Studios developed Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game with no set goals to achieve, giving players a great deal of freedom in how they play the game.  However, an achievement system is referred to as “advancements” in the Java Edition and “trophies” in the PlayStation adaptations. Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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