10 Features you Need to Know about Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing OS

Ever since Nothing Phone 1 is released, everyone adore its design and the UI feature of Nothing OS. There are several other Nothing phone features you need to know about Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing OS. Nothing OS blends the best of Android with its innovative designs.  This new OS will have 40% fewer pre-installed apps and settings that are quite comparable to those on a stock Android smartphone.

Top 10 Features of Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing OS

Below are the top 10 features of Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing OS:

1. Design

The transparent back of the ‘Nothing Phone (1)’ has a distinctive design with more than 400 parts. It got a 6.55-inch 1080p OLED display which is quite similar to that of the iPhone. Its lightweight and durable body are constructed entirely of recycled aluminium, and an industry-leading 50% of the phone’s plastic parts are created from bio-based or post-consumer recycled materials.

Dual-sided Gorilla Glass 5 ensures durability, and cutting-edge vibration motors create realistic touch reactions. The aluminium frame and symmetrical bezels provide elegance, lightness, and durability.

2. Advanced dual cameras

The dual camera in Phone (1) boasts two cutting-edge 50 MP sensors, with the primary camera being powered by the premium Sony IMX766. You have everything you need to shoot incredibly stable and exquisitely detailed content due to the wide /1.8 aperture, dual image stabilisation, and 10-bit colour movies. Intelligent features like Night Mode and Scene Detection adjust the optimum settings for each picture, doing the work for you.

Nothing OS | Source: Nothing

3. Battery 

With a 4500mAH battery, the typical mobile user may use their device for up to a day. You never have to worry about your phone charging because it supports 45W fast charging. Not to mention it also enable wireless charging, with a Glyph interface that lights the back of the Phone to make it look more aesthetic.

4. Storage and Processor 

It has a Snapdragon 778G Plus processor, which is typically seen in mid-range smartphones. The processor is rated as one of the best in its class for mid-range prices, and it can even provide a competent gaming experience. The processor can work seamlessly with 8GB of RAM to deliver a fluid experience. It contains advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that will optimise your apps and give you the best performance rating in each app. This is one of the characteristics that sets the Snapdragon 778G apart. For engaging, immersive gaming, Game Mode precisely syncs sound with graphics and minimises notifications.

 5. Screen Attention

The Nothing phone (1) display won’t lock when it is oriented straight at your face if Screen Attention is enabled. This overrides the default setting that locks your display after a predetermined period (10 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.) and is helpful to keep the screen on whether you’re reading anything on a browser or performing other tasks that don’t entail constantly using the phone.

6. Features of Nothing OS: Stock Android

Around the world, there are several smartphone brands, and one of the best ways for these companies to stand out is through the software experience. The majority of companies first include a tonne of software features and customization options, and over the past few years, we have seen the number of features grow. Brands also frequently include a tonne of unused apps and a few apps that are difficult to remove.

Nothing OS follows a different approach in this case. The Android experience on the Phone (1) is quite similar to vanilla Android. Most significantly, the OS doesn’t include any Google services or third-party or first-party programmes. Nothing OS is comparable to Moto, OnePlus, and Asus in this regard.

7. Glyph Interface

This is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Phone (1). A number of lights on the Glyph Interface represent many features of the phone. You can programme the lights to flash in specific patterns for different calls, notifications, and charging and can even function as a ring light when snapping images, according to Pei. 

The Glyph interface not only has some incredibly intriguing features but also has stunning visual appeal. The enigmatic geometric lights have a unique design that sticks out from everything else available.

8. 3-year update and 4 security Updates

The frequency and quality of Android upgrades are one area where Android phones have improved. Many firms have promised up to four years of Android updates on select flagship phones and two or three years on mid-range phones during the past few months. Regarding the launch, nothing has pledged to provide four years of security updates for the Phone and three years of Android updates (1). Every two months, a security patch will be released. Given the circumstances and the fact that this is a mid-range phone, what the firm has guaranteed seems reasonable. But let’s hope the business can honour its commitment.

9. Lockdown Nothing phone features

In situations when you believe your security features can easily be circumvented, lockdown mode is a fantastic option to apply. You accomplish this using technique like tricking Face Unlock with your photo or using a Bluetooth device programmed to unlock the phone when it is close to the device. For as long as the feature is activated, you can only use your PIN, pattern, or password to unlock your phone when it is in Lockdown mode. Enabling Lockdown mode is as simple as long-pressing the power button to reach the power menu and selecting ‘Lockdown.’ Repeat to turn off the feature.

10. NFT 

Last but not least feature of Nothing Phone (1) is Native NFT Gallery widget with price tracking. The Phone(1) has unique settings created especially for your NFTs in light of the digital art phenomenon. Pei clarified that Phone(1) features unique widgets made just to show your NFTs on your home screen.


Above are the top 10 features of Nothing Phone (1) to adore. The Nothing OS provides a handful set of customization options as well as unique looks. Furthermore, the company is likely to introduce more features and functions in the future.

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