Is Fortnite Adding Hot Mics in Chapter 3? When to Expect the Feature in Fortnite?

Thanks to the overwhelming response the game receives, Epic is constantly adding to the list of features in Fortnite. With regular event updates, some well-wanted features also make their way…

Computer Science

Is React Dying Because of Svelte-Which one is better?

Frameworks provide users with the easiest way to develop their web applications with least amount of coding. From many years React, Vue and Angular are the trusted names in this…


Oneplus Has Rolled Out January Security Patch 2022 For OnePlus 9/9pro, Nord CE/N-10/N-200

OnePlus has recently started rolling out the latest system update for its various devices which include the latest January 2022 Security Patch {..}

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#BigCityLights: Photograph Guanajuato at Night in FH5

Winter or Dry Season in Series 3, which runs from January 20, 2022, to January 27, 2022, awards up to 65 points for completing Festival Playlist objectives. This week…